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21 January 2008

Hello world!

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Hello! A warm welcome to the first readers of this new Freelance Fundraiser’ s blog. Over the coming days, weeks, months…I hope to bring to your attention news from within the UK charity scene about fundraising issues, new and innovative ideas, personal comment on these things, events, resources and training opportunities.

I hope, too, that you might engage in some of these things as well, adding to the discussion or resources, etc.

With a fairly busy schedule, as well as what seems like a part time job taxi-ing a gaggle of offspring to all their diverse activities, I can’t promise to write a regular piece, but I’ll try my best!

If you’ve come across something you think would be of interest to others in the not-for-profit, charity world, please feel free to submit it to me. If it’s relevant, I’ll post it on the blog (and credit it to you).




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