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30 January 2008

Southern bias…Arghhh!

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I was recently working on some trust applications for a major capital project in Yorkshire. This project will result in a “first” for the UK, based in Yorkshire, providing a model that can be emulated across the country.

So you can imagine my frustration when time and time again I read of really large grant-making trusts, usually based in London, that do not welcome unsolicited applications. “Our Trustees bring forward projects to support.”


I spoke to one. They give away over £2m a year, but when asked how one gets their trustees to even know about you, let alone champion you, when you are based 200 miles north, you get a “Well that’s just how it is” response.

If your charity’s trustees are local people, based in the north, the likelihood of them knowing any of these southerners is very small and tenuous.

I looked at who got the big bucks from this Trust last year. Probably 90%+ were large London-based organisations.

So how can we influence the situation and bring about changes of outlook, attitude and outcome? I really don’t know. Unless you’re one of those people who walks in that circle of influence and society, I doubt much at all.

The irony is, I’m a Londoner, born and bred, but obviously not in the right circles and I made the big mistake of moving north! (Actually, I love it up here and wouldn’t go back to live with their road chaos, house prices and Estuary accent!)

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