Freelance Fundraiser’s Jottings

10 April 2008

Ecademy: a good place to meet, get promoted and research prospects

In the process of setting up my freelance fundraising business, I looked on the web for help, advice and support. I came across a couple of really useful links, one is Dr Alan Rae’s “Punch Above Your Weight” training workshops, which show small businesses or organisations how to create a bigger impression on the Internet (thereby dramatically increasing your chance of getting top results in Goggle Search Engine searches.

As a result of attending one of these fascinating days, I was also made aware of an online networking group for people, like myself, who are small business owners and who can harness the potential of online networking to not only get support and advice from others in similar positions, but also to increase their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and be easily “found” by Google and other search engines.

Anyone can join Ecademy for free. Those who decide to pay a subscription (2 levels) obviously are enabled to make more use of the facilities and opportunities the site provides.

Whilst not obviously something that charity-employed fundraisers would necessarily want to join, it does have a good number of people from small, sole traders, to millionaire entrepreneurs who are involved in charitable activities and fundraising. This could be useful for prospect research for majors donors, etc. You might also find people with skills that could offer your charity advice and help, especially with regards to online marketing and marketing in general.


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