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20 March 2008

The Chancellor did giveth…but it still cost many charities!

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Mr Darling's Budget CaseFollowing on from my previous blog about the reduction in Gift Aid from 28p to 25p for every £1 donated, the Chancellor, Alistair Darling (don’t you love that name?) made a surprise move in his recent Budget. The rate of Gift Aid, which was based on income tax at a rate of 22p in the £1, is not going to change for charities for the next three financial years, as a way to lessen the blow to income when the tax rate falls to 20p in the £1.

He also announced some tweaking of the system to make it easier for charities to collect and claim their Gift Aid. However, he failed to go along with the majority opinion, which was to change radically the way that Gift Aid is calculated, from the current system based on individuals having to declare they want the charities to claim the Gift Aid, to a system where it is given by the HMRC based on the proportion of a charity’s donors who are tax payers. This would have greatly reduced the time and money it costs charities to administrate Gift Aid. Still, I suppose we mustn’t grumble!

The thing that has really annoyed so many charities, is that there was no warning that he was going to keep Gift Aid at the same level for another 3 years. As a result, hundreds of charities have been getting all their donation literature re-printed, at considerable cost to some organisations, in line with the lower Gift Aid rate we were due to move to. Now they have piles of unusable literature, because the facts and figures are incorrect.

Sometimes a surprise can backfire and in this case I doubt the Chancellor will be offering to compensate the waste of time and materials his unexpected announcement has caused.


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