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15 October 2008

A world of difference

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With everyone moaning and fearful about the current economic crisis, it was comforting to hear my sister’s comments the other day. She was widowed last October and decided that the best thing to do was to be active and do something positive with her life. So in September she went off for two weeks to Uganda to help with the building of a school.

She’s come back wanting to go and do something else next year, she enjoyed it that much. But what she said was that the people in the villages around where she stayed had nothing. Somehow they survive on what little they have, but the amazing thing is, they’re also very content, despite having nothing. For them, there is no stress about loan repayments, meeting the bills, paying the mortgage. Instead, they concentrate on each day as it comes and on making sure they have enough food to eat and clean water to drink.

What a difference to our money-soaked society, where dosh is god and the majority of us are want, want, wanting. I sat in the hairdressers the other day (basic cut, nothing flash!) flicking through the magazines. They were full of ads for expensive watches, clothes and home furnishings, totally unrealistic for even the majority of UK earners.

So maybe this financial situation facing us is a chance, an opportunity to re-access our attitude to wealth  and also what our responsibilities should be towards sharing more of what we’ve got with those who have so little around our world. In return, they can help to teach us to be content with enough, rather than constantly keep struggling to gain more.

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