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7 October 2008

Blogging tools to make life easier

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My thanks go to fellow Twitterer and blogger Dave Briggs for bringing to my attention several ways to post to my WordPress blog, without having to go onto the WordPress editor to do so. I’ve found two of them particularly useful.

One of Dave’s recommendations is an excellent free bit of software from a company called Microsoft. (Yes, you did read that correctly, but it’s true, they’ve come up with something people are raving about, even confirmed MS-haters!) Windows Live Writer sits on your PC and enables you to write blog posts without having to go online (until you need to post it, of course). It allows to do all the standard things WordPress editor does, such as inserting hyperlinks, pictures, videos, tags, etc. Font formatting is there too.

The great thing is, it creates this on as page that shows your WordPress blog theme, so you see what it will look like as you create it. Amazing! Being on your PC, it also means you can merrily blog away on a train or anywhere, without having to search for an Internet connection. You only need to do this when you want to publish.

The second tool is ScribeFire, a free add-on for Firefox. This works like Live Writer, but uses the Firefox browser as the editor. One advantage being you can have websites open at the same time and easily copy links, etc into your blog.

Anything that makes blogging more accessible and easier to use can only be a good thing, especially if encourages more fundraisers and charities to get out there and tell their stories, for this is what good fundraising is all about, telling people what a difference their help and support can make in the lives of others.

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