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4 July 2008

100 not out!

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This isn’t really a fundraising piece for the blog, although I’ll end it with something that is fundraisng related.

Today, 4 July 2008, my Grandmother, Cissie Richards, was 100 years old. Now I know that this isn’t so rare these days, with the number of centenarians growing year on year, but I’ve never known anyone 100 years old, let alone a member of my immediate family.

To have got to this amazing age is an achievement in itself. Cissie lived through two world wars, (During the 2nd world war she brought up two sons in a part of London effected by the Blitz); lived for her first 40 years in the pre-NHS era, surviving the flu epidemic after the 1st world war and all the other diseases and illnesses that killed off many others; never went into hospital until she was well into her 90s and lived independently until she was 95.

Eighteen months ago she fell out of bed and broke her thigh. in the operating theatre she had to be resucitated and went on to develop pneumonia. We never believed she would pull through, but once again she did and was back in the care home walking with a frame in less than 2 months!

Even this week she was in bed with an infection and this morning, as I travelled from Yorkshire to London for her special day, we were warned that the home were really concerned about her condition. Yet she perked up enough to get dressed and come down to the special entertainment they had laid on for her, the residents and our family.

Cissie is a fighter and as made an amazing achievement reaching her 100th birthday. I love her, respect her and appreciate all she’s been to me over the past 50 or so years.

Oh, what is the fundraising point? Well, as a legacy prospect she would have been “hot” 10 years ago when she finally sold her home. However, 10 years of rent and then care home costs have depleted her assets to next to nothing. It’s a fact of life that as more and more people live longer, because of improved healthcare, diet and housing conditions, so the value of their assets will deplete, leaving less for personal and charitable bequests. The future of legacy income for charities is uncertain, although it will still play a major role and be the most cost-effective means of raising funds.

At the end of the day, I’d rather have my Nan around for as long as possible, to be an inspiration to my children, nephews and neices and others! Happy Birthday Nan and many more of them!

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